Pokémon: Top 5 Saddest Things About Ash


Pokémon: Top 5 Saddest Things About Ash

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Ash is the protagonist of the Pokémon anime series. While he is typically a happy person, there are some things a bit sad about him.

5He's Constantly Being Attacked By International Criminals

As funny as it is to see Ash and his friends thwart Team Rocket every week, one can't help but feel bad for a kid who rarely gets to have a week of peace. Being a budding Pokémon trainer is hard enough, but he also certainly doesn't need a group of people constantly trying to kidnap his Pokémon roster/best friends.

It also doesn't help that Ash's feuds with evil teams like Team Rocket often put him in the middle of national crises that often call upon his help to solve. As exciting as this may seem to a younger viewer, saving the world and fighting international criminals every now and then kind of puts a lot of pressure on a kid.

4Ash's Friends Leave And Grow Without Him

Brock Ash Misty Pokemon

Across the series, Ash has had a long series of companions, ranging from old rivals like Misty and Brock to lost loves like Serena. Each one has entered his life to become a close friend and ally, and each has left it to pursue new and greater journeys.

When any of them do come back for a short cameo, it always seems like they've grown into practically new people while Ash himself has stayed relatively the same. Misty has become an experienced Gym Leader, Brock is going full force into becoming a Pokémon doctor, and even May has become a decorated Coordinator. If cameos like these make the fans feel old, just imagine how Ash feels.

3It Took Him 7 Tries To Become A Pokémon Champion

While seven doesn't actually look like a huge number to the casual viewer, one must keep in mind that, for the long-time fan, Fans have spent years upon years of seeing the spunky trainer overcome fight after fight to become an actually competent trainer.

As much as the series loves to characterize him as a brash and reckless kid, it's hard to deny his growth given that he's beaten a wide variety of trainers between different skill sets and has even defeated some legendary Pokémon. Despite him clearly showing that he's not like every other trainer, he'd go on to lose league after league, rarely even reaching the finals.

2He's Had To Say Goodbye To Some Pokémon

Where Ash Pokemon Go Every Region

Just like his circle of friends, Ash has also had to say goodbye to plenty of Pokémon. This isn't the same thing as him simply changing up his roster. This is referring to those heartbreaking scenes where Ash has to part ways with some of his best friends, lil' critters that he's survived countless battles with when he finds that they may belong somewhere else.

This includes letting Charizard and Primeape train with other people, having Greninja and Goodra protect their individual homes and that one infamously sad moment where he released Butterfree to be with its true love.

1His Dad Isn't Around

Delia And Mr Mime In Their Home

Pokémon and anime as a whole haven't always been too keen on having consistent, parental influences. In Ash's case, he has a very kind and supportive mother who's always checking up on him during his journey. His father however leaves a lot, i.e. everything, to the imagination.

Though it is a greater mystery in the Pokémon story as to who Ash's father is and what he may be doing (if he wasn't killed off entirely), at the end of the day, Ash just doesn't have a father in the story. Ash never mentions him, and he also never appears in flashbacks. Though Ash and his mom may look pretty happy with their simple life, it's still sad thinking that there's an empty space at the table.

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